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Boyar Research publishes in-depth, independent research on U.S. publicly traded businesses selling at a significant discount to our estimate of their intrinsic value. Our research, which covers companies ranging from $500 million to mega-cap stocks, covers a diverse range of industries. With this research, you’ll gain access to expertise used by some of the world’s largest money management firms, including hedge funds and family offices.

We offer an exclusive subscription package that provides you with immediate access to our latest research as well as 300+ historical reports that you can browse 24/7. We invite you to learn more about the benefits of a subscription, our investment methodology as well as the details behind our performance track record.


A Boyar Research Subscription Includes:

Seven (7) Full-Length Issues per annum

Each featuring three in-depth research reports on companies we believe to be undervalued and have catalysts for capital appreciation.

Midyear Opportunity Issue

Around midyear we provide comprehensive company updates on 5-10 stocks in the Boyar Research Universe that we find to be both timely and attractively priced.

The Forgotten Forty

This annual report provides clients with 40, one-page snapshot reports on companies that were researched extensively in previous issues. Stocks contained in the Forgotten Forty are our forty best catalyst driven stock ideas for the year ahead.

Historical Archive

Includes full online access to 300+ company reports from past Boyar Research publications dating back to 2009.

Timely Updates

Our subscribers receive timely updates throughout the year as relevant news breaks regarding both companies within the Boyar universe as well as the market as a whole.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

"There is no doubt, Boyar has added 'alpha' to my clients' total return over the years."

PG Capital Management LLC
Investment Advisor Client


"I used the service for years while running institutional portfolios and have continued to use the service running my family office. I would recommend the service for both institutions or family offices that still believe in the value of stock picking."

Former Mutual Fund Manager
Current Family Office Client

Performance That Speaks for Itself

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Also Available: Boyar's Micro Cap Focus

There is significant lack of coverage on some of Wall Street's smallest companies this creates a tremendous opportunity for those willing to do their own research. To help our clients profit from this gap, we created Boyar’s Micro Cap Focus. To Learn more about this publication click here.