Boyar Publications

Boyar’s Micro Cap Focus

In 2010 due to the lack of research coverage of the smallest companies on Wall Street, Boyar Research began publishing Boyar’s Micro Cap Focus. This publication utilizes the same research methodology as Asset Analysis Focus but concentrates on companies with market capitalizations of $500 million or less.

Boyar’s Micro Cap Focus: Quick Facts

  • 15% of the companies featured in Boyar’s Micro Cap Focus were acquired within 3 years of inception.
  • 30% of the companies featured in Boyar’s Micro Cap Focus have ultimately been acquired.
  • The average outperformance of outperforming ideas was 27% on an annualized basis over a 7-year period.


Performance of Stocks Profiled by Boyar's Micro Cap Focus
1 Yr.3 Yr.5 Yr.7 Yr.
Average Boyar Research Annualized Return25.6%29.0%31.4%24.3%
Average Microcap Benchmark Annualized Return11.0%12.2%12.3%14.4%
Average Boyar Research Annualized Outperformance14.6%16.9%19.1%7.2%

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