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Asset Analysis Focus


Since 1975 Asset Analysis Focus (AAF) has provided subscribers with in-depth research reports on publicly traded businesses that are selling at significant discounts to our estimate of intrinsic value. We analyze these businesses utilizing a private equity approach. In the vast majority of instances, each company profiled has an identifiable catalyst for value realization. AAF is agnostic in terms of both industry or market capitalization.

Asset Analysis Focus: Quick Facts

  • Asset Analysis Focus has been publishing independent research since 1975.
  • A significant percentage of the companies profiled in Asset Analysis Focus have ultimately been acquired.
  • Approximately 1 in 2 ideas outperformed the index over a 1, 3, and 5-year period.
  • The average outperformance of companies that beat the benchmark was 25%, 22%, 24% and 21% for 1, 3, 5, and 7 year time horizons.
  • Annualized performance relative to the benchmark are  highest over five years at 7.1% average annualized outperformance, demonstrating our long term oriented outlook.

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A Subscription to Asset Analysis Focus includes:

7 issues per year:

Each issue features in-depth reports on three companies we believe to be undervalued. Most issues contain a profile of a large, medium, and small capitalization stock. Featured stocks come from a wide variety of industries.

The Annual Thematic Edition:

The annual thematic edition profiles an industry, compelling investment theme or area of the economy that is out of favor on Wall Street. The topics we have featured in past issues are often highly controversial, but in most instances, over the long-term, have proven to be prophetic.

The Forgotten Forty:

Every December we publish the Forgotten Forty, which provides our clients with our updated investment thesis on 40 companies that have been extensively researched in previous issues of AAF. The companies contained in this publication are the businesses within our universe that we believe are most likely to outperform the leading indices in the year ahead due to a catalyst we see on the horizon.